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Kansas Hereford Association

Kansas……what a great place to live and raise Hereford cattle. Ranked number four in Hereford registrations in the nation, Kansas is rich in Hereford heritage. Whether it’s in the Arikara breaks in the northwest, the Ozark country of the southeast, the high plains of western Kansas or the rolling hills in the northeast part of the state, Herefords adapt very well and thrive in all of the settings Kansas has to offer. Kansas is also known for large feed yards and being the hub of cattle harvesting for the entire United States. Hereford cattle have also proven their worth in those arenas as well, with high performance marks and carcass quality that rivals all other breeds. So once again the proven worth of Kansas Herefords is second to none.

So take a little time and look through the cattle offered in Kansas via our webpage. You will see breeding programs from the Flint Hills, the Smoky Hills, Post Rock Country, the Sand Hills, the High Plains, and all the other environments of our great state. One thing for sure, the quality will be high. If you’re looking for performance, carcass quality, fertility, efficiency, or show ring, you’ve come to the right spot.

Our members are all listed in the directory that is posted here and you will also find our publication the Hereford Headliner.